May is Mental Health Month

This post from the Tumblr reminded me that I wanted to say something quick about mental health.

I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety disorder for most of my life. During most of that time, I basically had no hope of my life ever improving. But it did. Things absolutely do get better. I’ll never be “cured” per se, but I’m at a place where it’s all manageable and it doesn’t control my life. Feels great, man.

If you’re going through some stuff, try to remember that you’re not alone.

(Everyone: I encourage you to share your own experiences. It could help somebody.)

There are few effective treatments as universal as talking to somebody.

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    ________ Hear hear! My mind started to go wonky in a pretty serious way at age 14, and I have spent a good portion of my...
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    Me. Past 5 months. Depression, anxiety, potentially borderline personality disorder. You’re not weird or odd or crazy,...
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    There are few effective treatments as universal as talking to somebody.
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